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I am an enamel artist who is interested in offering a message within my work, which is a response to a site, or exterior location that also signifies and suggests a juxtaposition of enamel as an art form. My work is an narrative exploration of materials and surface decoration. I create vivid collections of experimental and resolved metal forms. I’m intrigued by the transferal of 2D mark making onto metal surfaces.

I explore the limitations and potentials of the scale of enamel work incorporating architectural forms. Material explorations are controlled and spontaneous investigations. I explore and apply all enamel techniques but personally prefer working with painted vitreous glass enamels.

Themes within my work develop from extensive drawings, sketchbooks and visual recordings. My current project is about journeys and adventures. Enamels inspire and enthuse my work. It’s an exciting medium to work with and one I intend to continue to explore. I am interested in having a narrative and a creative response to a site within my work.

I have managed and exhibited publicly and experienced commercial industry based projects as well as hand crafted outcomes. I am a confident and innovative artist. Enamel is durable and individual medium. I aspire to see enamel work being presented in range of environment, interiors and exteriors. I regularly exhibit and take commissions.